Turbulence Necklace



The International symbol for Turbulence hangs upside down, which feels both appropriate and ironic. Used by Meteorologists tracking Aviation Weather, it’s a symbol you hope your pilot notices on the map before it’s too late! Truth is, turbulence in the atmosphere, and in life, is often unpredictable. There are obvious signs that turbulence is likely (clouds, storms, you’re PMS) but it so often shows up out of nowhere, that there’s a term for it, “Clear-air turbulence.” It reminds me how many things in life are out of our control… and yet peace is available no matter how bumpy things get… so I wear this as my very own, discreet Serenity Prayer. Handmade in Asheville of Argentinium Sterling Silver, this one-of-a-kind pendent is on a simple delicate chain or a sterling, rosary style chain with blue-green Amazonite stones.




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